Social Responsibility – “Always an eye on sustainability”

Our social responsibility is derived from thinking of social and environmental sustainability in every part of our business.

Cognia delivers relevant holistic solutions putting focus on environmental sustainability, and has become a large contributor in improving health, safety and environment.

Our social responsibility lies in our commitment to reduce emissions, improve safety and health. Specifically, we have a profound effect in reducing pollution from road transportation, improving the working environment for the drivers, and reducing accidents on the road.

We are always looking for new ways of contributing to the well being of the drivers and making their workday as efficient and safe as possible.

Cognia’s social responsibility initiatives stem from the founders’ values – in broad terms, having a positive impact on the business environment and associated stakeholders.

Clean Seas

Cognia introduced Clean Seas – UN’s initiative to reduce waste in the oceans – to Volvo Cars Norway and is a keen sponsor to the organization.