Cognia Eiendom

Flexible, energy efficient and sustainable buildings, supporting smart solutions for the occupants.

Cognia Eiendom was established in 2016 to professionalize the development of Cognia’s real estate portfolio and initiate the process of diversifying the portfolio.

The overall aim is the become an attractive business partner by developing properties in attractive locations with high focus in reducing the environmental footprint.

Cognia Eiendom has acquired attractive plots of land in 4 different locations in proximity to main European highways. All four properties will host new state-of-the-art Volmax facilities.


Buildings: 50 000 sq. meters

Main office: Sandefjord

Managing director: Petter Haakestad

Business areas:

  • Real estate development, rental, sales
  • Maintenance

Cognia Eiendom consists of two main business areas

Real estate development, rental, sales

  • Develop and optimize real estate for Cognia’s incumbent business areas.
  • Traditional real estate development with or without partners.
  • Project management for real estate initiatives.
  • Rental of properties.

Property management and maintenance

  • Mangement and maintenance of internal and rented properties.
  • Procurement of relevant services associated with management and maintenance.

Cognia Eiendom has committed NOK 400 million to new real estate development projects, either within commercial or residential properties. in its four first years of operation.

Contact at Cognia Eiendom:

Petter Haakestad

Petter Haakestad

Managing director

(+47) 900 16 166