Business areas

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The Cognia group consists of the business areas: passenger cars, trucks, health and emergency solutions, and technology. Through its subsidiaries, Cognia is among the country’s largest car and truck dealers. The group also has an extensive real estate portfolio and plans to make significant investments in the coming years.

Trucks and busses

Volmax AS

Volmax was established as a result of a consolidation process of Volvo trucks and busses dealerships in Norway leading back to 1937. Volmax has evolved to become a beacon in the business, pioneering new services supported by a deep digital portfolio innovated inhouse. Customers can choose services for their every need: new and used trucks and vans (Volvo and Renault), service contracts, financing, insurance, parts and repair service for the complete vehicle, driver training, consulting, transportation software, crash repair and paint for all heavy-duty vehicles, etc. Our service points are located throughout the south-eastern part of Norway, covering approximately 22% of the market: Borgeskogen (Stokke), Kongsberg, Vikersund, Skien, Rabben (Porsgrunn), Råde, Hamar and Kongsberg.


Number of employees: 235

Main office: Sandefjord

CEO: Frank Nordby

Pluss Truck Sales & Rental

Pluss Truck Sales & Rental is one of the largest rental agencies for trucks and busses in Norway, with more than 170 units in operation.


Main office: Sandefjord

Contact person: Bjørnar Zell

Cars and vans

BilService Personbiler AS

Within the passenger car umbrella, we find an entire ecosystem around the passenger car. New car sales, rental, used car sales, spare parts, tire centers, and workshop services.

The passenger car initiative began in 1937 with Bil-Service Passenger Cars. Since then, the company has worked to give customers the best experiences and stay ahead of development. In 2021, the group had 13 brands in its passenger car portfolio.

In addition to the dealer chain Bil-Service, the group’s passenger car operations include one of Norway’s largest Hertz franchises, parts trading business, and damage repair services.


Number of emloyees: 360

CEO: Dag Liverød

Locations: Larvik, Sandefjord, Tønsberg, Holmestrand, Drammen, Kongsberg and Bergen.

Health and emergency solutions

Handicare AS

Handicare was founded in 1992 and has become the leading supplier of health and emergency solutions for the automotive sector in Norway.

We specialize in vehicle modifications for people with disabilities, van and lorry modifications, and special vehicles for emergency services such as fire, police and ambulances.

The company has 12 locations and publicly approved car workshops and sales offices throughout the country, from Kristiansand in the south to Tromsø in the north.


Number of employees: 90

Managing director: Arild Saastad

Locations: Moss, Drammen, Oslo, Tønsberg, Lillehammer, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim, Levanger and Tromsø

Vipe 21

Vipe 21 is a company that specializes in design and certification of aircraft related modifications and products, as well as providing consulting services in the same market. Vipe 21’s mission is to enhance operative capabilities of aircrafts, ensuring continuous competitive settings for our customers through our solutions – Your mission partner. Our European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-21J design approval enables Vipe 21 to certify modifications to aircraft without EASA involvement. Combining our regulatory privileges with highly innovative products, continuous business development and passion for aviation differentiates Vipe 21 from the rest of the market.


Number of employees: 5

Managing director: Roger Aure

Location: Sandnes

Real estate

Cognia Eiendom

Cognia Eiendom was established in 2016 to develop Cognia’s real estate portfolio and initiate the process of diversification in our existing portfolio.

Our overall aim is to become an attractive property owning business partner by funding, developing, building and operating commerical properties for tennants in attractive locations. We have a clear focus on developing environmentally effecient, low energy usage facilites for our clients.

Cognia Eiendom has acquired attractive plots of land in several regional locations with close proximity to main European highways. We have also acquired city center properties with a focus on office and mixed used facilities.


Buildings: 50.000 sq. meters

Main office: Sandefjord

Managing director: Scott Smith

Business areas:

  • Real estate development, rental, sales
  • Property management and maintenance


Cognia Technology

Cognia Technology combines domain knowledge from the transportation industry and real estate development with digital innovation to create valuable solutions for our customers.

In collaboration with our partners, Cognia Technology produces digital platforms for client dialogue, energy optimization, and safe usage of industrial equipment.

The company focuses on open cloud-based software components for efficient data collection and exchange of data with our partners.


Main office: Sandefjord

Contact: Kim Finkenhagen

Modern digital platforms for customer dialogue, energy optimization, and safe usage of equipment for industrial applications.


Cognia Capital

Cognia Capital manages the group’s capital reserves and contributes to maintaining a financially robust conglomerate. The portfolio consists of liquid financial investments with moderate risk, as well as long-term financial placements with a slightly higher risk profile.


Main office: Sandefjord

Contact: Nils Fredriksen

Cognia Capital is one of the conglomerate’s platforms for attracting new businesses within a broad investment universe.